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Photography as Communication

I strive to create images that make powerful statements.  In working with models I excel in  both  body language and composition.  If I am able to evoke emotion and feeling upon initial viewing, then I 've achieved my ultimate goal. 

I believe photographs are frequently more powerful than words if properly executed.  I strive to perfect locations, composition and model selection to properly depict the story to be told.  It is a story told in large part though the body language of each model.  I have been blessed to collaborate with many great models who have shared their dreams and who have served as charismatic inspirations.  

 I also shoot scenery and artistic and  implied nudes.  All of my images are real and I do not use any photoshop or manipulation.   All photos are captured on Nikon full frame cameras using Nikon lenses.

I've come to realize that the true meaning in our lives comes when we fulfill our obligations to others.  Photography provides the tool for me to fulfill that obligation and for that precious gift, I am truly blessed.


My Background

I was raised in Lewiston, Idaho and grew up on a ranch above Peck, Idaho.  My interest in photography began at an early age watching my Grandfather, Edgar Rogers, develop black and white prints in a make shift darkroom inside the old ranch house.  I later expanded my interests in photography while serving as a television and radio announcer for the U.S. Navy in Hawaii and DaNang, South Vietnam.  

 After residing over 14 years in Hawaii, I returned to the mainland where my career transitioned into the marketing and managing of shopping centers for major developers.  In 1999 I joined the State of Hawaii's Employment Development Department where I spent the next 10 years instructing activity duty military.  The position, funded by the Department of Labor, focused on job search skills to assist active duty personnel transition back into the civilian labor force. 

All of my positions afforded extensive travel to almost ever state in the United States and allowed me to expand and improve my photography techniques.

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